Algon, Cadac, Skottelbraai ® BBQ a nonstick liner
12 June 2009
If you are feed up with putting good food on a dirty, burnt and rusty BBQ then our BBQ liner will solve the problem. This is the time of year when our customers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America and all points South buy this great product.® offers owners of the Algon, Cadac, Skottelbraai ® BBQ barbecue a non stick BBQ liner which you will think is a gift from the gods.
The Algon, Cadac, Skottelbraai BBQ liner is large variation of our double sided non stick oven liner.

It fits perfectly on the algon, cadac, ‘skottel‘ BBQ.

Say goodbye to sticky, burnt-on BBQ messes!

Say hello to BBQ barbequed food that can be presented in an appetising way!

With this reusable non-stick Algon, Cadac, Skottelbraai BBQ liner, your days of scrubbing the Skottelbraai are over.
Simply wipe the non-stick BBQ liner and it's done!

Both sides reusable for years.

This liner can only be used on “solid cooking plate” BBQ’s, i.e. those models where the flames do not go through holes to the food being cooked!
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