Freezer Liner® offers this non stickFreezer Liner which will reduce ice in your freezer and making defrosting / cleaning easier. The top of the freezer liner is 100% non-stick, it prevents frozen food and ice cubes from sticking to the freezer liner. The silicone back is "anti-slip" silicon and keeps the freezer liner in its place. The freezer liner is extra flat and doesn't take up any space in the freezer.

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By using several freezer liners, you can also cover the sides of the freezer which makes de-icing even easier.

- helps to keep your freezer compartment clean, saves hard work!
- no need for caustic / dangerous cleaning materials!
- makes de-icing an easy job
- high quality non stick and silicone coatings
- reusable freezer liner 000's of times
- can be cut to size with scissors to fit any freezer compartment
- cold resistant
- excellent cold transfer
- easy to clean in soapy water with a sponge, or kitchen paper
- dishwasher safe freezer liner
- complies with Food regulations – Europe standard 45001, U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
- rectangular shape freezer liner
- size - 33 x 36cm (13 x 14.2”)
- colour – Black freezer liner
- money back guarantee
- non stick freezer liner
- - Postage & Packing per item UK £1; EEC £1.50; Rest of the World £1
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Made in Europe / EEC, not China

Freezer liner
Freezer Liner
Price: £5.95
Market Research shows that no one likes to clean the Freezer, but as someone has to do it we are stocking a freezer liner that makes it easy without the use of any chemicals or sharp / damaging tools.

We are so confident in our products that we offer this 30 Day no quibble Money Back Guarantee, on everything we sell.
No other supplier will give you that assurance!!!

Special size or colour?
Price: £0.00
If you need a special size or colour Non Stick Freezer Liner then just ask us! Just send us an email with your requirements.

The minimum order quantity is 1 only, ie whatever you want!

Our commercial customers have very specific requirements and we are pleased to supply you with specific sheet sizes, colours, thickness, finish, etc from our range of several hundred materials.


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